Chrome OS Gets “Night Mode”

The latest version of Chrome OS Canary channel has a very Androidy feature added to it for the first time. Chrome OS now comes with built-in Night Mode. The “Toggle Night Mode” icon is available right on the taskbar.

Play Store, Android Apps, File Manager, Wallpaper app and more. Chrome OS is getting a lot of features that were exclusive to mobile operating system. The latest addition to this list is Night Mode. To enable Night Mode, simply click the Toggle Night Mode icon:

If you are totally new to this Night Mode thing, it is a feature that changes the color of the screen a little bit towards the end of the day so that the light from your screens (mobiles, laptops and tablets etc) does not affect your sleep rhythm. Check out this article from The Verge to know more about why Night Mode is good for your eyes.

Night Mode on Chromebooks

Currently this feature is available on the Canary Channel of Chrome OS. If things go according to the plan, you should soon see this feature rolling out to the Dev channel and eventually to Beta and Stable channels. I tried to take screenshots, but unlike Android, the Night Mode effect does not seem to be visible on screenshots.

Stay tuned for more details!

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