Google Testing A New OS Code Named “Termina” ?

Chromium OS repositories have a new member. Code named “Termina”, this is either a new variant of Chrome OS or something totally different. I don’t speak programming, but I am hoping for programmers among you to help me decode this piece of the Google puzzle.

The word Termina is borrowed from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. “Widely regarded as a darker entry in the Zelda franchise, Majora’s Mask is set in Termina, an alternate version of the usual series setting of Hyrule, where the Skull Kid has stolen Majora’s Mask, a powerful ancient artifact.

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Files checked into this project are available here: The Read Me file does not reveal much.

The `termina` target ebuilds should depend on packages for the appropriate
target. Release images will work with just `target-termina-os`, but
developers will likely want to include `target-termina-os-dev` as well to
enable serial console support and allow login.

Tatl and Tael. Termina is being tested on these devices. If you remember, Chromecast and even Google Home runs with a little bit of Chrome OS inside. So, when I say that this could be a new operating system or a variant of Chrome OS, the “Chrome OS variant” also can become something significant. Whatever this is, they are testing Termina on both ARM and x86 platforms.

Tael is the `armv8` overlay for Termina; see the `project-termina` overlay for
details. Most changes should go into `project-termina` unless they are
specific to this arch.

Tatl is the `x86_64` overlay for Termina; see the `project-termina` overlay
for details. Most changes should go into `project-termina` unless they are
specific to this arch.

There are two things I noticed while scanning through the code. There is repeated mentions of containers and “password-less login”. Google brought Play Store to Chrome OS in the form of an Android container. So, this could be a much more improved version of Chrome OS, optimized for running Android apps.

We will sure need more slicing and dicing of this information and code to find more. If you find something interesting, please drop me a comment! And as always, stay tuned for more updates on this!

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  • Jack Smith 08/03/2017, 5:26 am

    Thanks for sharing. It might be what i had been hoping for two things. First, is further support for conainers on ChromeOS that is assessible. This could give us Linux similar to Crouton with out using developer. Let me run an Android x11 server and Linux in a container. But also give me a storage service to use with similar to how we do in the cloud.

    The second is i want instant tethering type capabilities. So with my Google wifi instead of wifi passwords. But everywhere including my Chromebook. With voice auth to oauth to everything from starting my car to being able to turn on oven so kid can not to TV channels viewable.

    But then to DRM for content including TV. So my DVR with youtube tv is tied to oauth so use whereever even offline.

    Then tie in the ident global file system that google shared last week. Ident being oauth.

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