Chrome for iOS Adds Reading List for Offline Viewing

Google recently launched Chrome version 57 on the App Store with the main component of the update being the addition of the Reading List feature. Quite similar to the one in Apple’s Safari, the new feature gives you an in-browser place to save articles to read later.

The new ‘Read Later‘ icon that appears on the share sheet in Chrome saves articles locally on the device, and this works without an internet connection. You can access all the saved articles by tapping the three dots in the upper-right corner and choosing the “Reading List” option. Articles saved to the Reading List can be accessed through the menu on Chrome, exactly like the way you browse through Bookmarks or History tab. Also, the Reading List interface separates items you’ve saved into ‘Unread’ and ‘Pages You’ve Read’ sections, which makes it easy to manage the reading list.

In case you want to mark all items as read, tap the Edit button in the lower right corner, and select Mark all. If you want to remove an item from your reading list, choose the item you’d like to remove from the Edit button, , and then tap the Delete button in the lower left corner.


There are two main differences between Apple’s Reading List or Pocket from the new reading list feature:

a) locally saved articles are only saved to the device, meaning any article you save using Chrome for iOS is only viewable/readable from iOS.

b) the entire page is saved, and not just the text version of it.

Google describes the new functionality thus:

“Yes, you can take it with you! If you find an interesting article that you want to read later, tap the Share icon and then Read Later to add the page to your Reading List. Articles on your Reading List are saved on your device so you can read them wherever you are, even when you aren’t connected to the web.”

Update to Google Chrome version 57.0.02987.100 or  download it from the App Store to start saving articles to your Reading List.




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