Chrome Extension NOPE Sends You Fake Calls to Save You from Distracting Co-Workers

All of us have that distracting moments when a co-worker comes to have a fairly long chat with you, when you are tightly packed with work, and you just don’t know how to excuse yourself from them. Here is a Chrome extension to help you. NOPE.

To enjoy this feature, you just need to download the extension to Chrome and make sure you set it up with your phone number where you want to receive calls. Press the N button on your browser when you need to get a call, and the co-workers are expected to push off as your phone starts ringing in front of them.

You also don’t have to think of fake conversations once you pick up the call. The voice on the other end will give you all the necessary instructions. First, it goes, “on the count of three put your hand to your mouth as if you’re hearing bad news.” If the person hasn’t left you alone and you’ve still got it up to your ear, it’ll then say, “repeat these words after me in a serious and concerned tone: ‘Yes of course I can talk now, what’s the matter?'”

The only limitation to this extension is that you have to be near your system when you need to receive a call. So, if you are slightly away from your work space and you need to get way from your distractions, this may not work. A possible solution would be an app which may be more useful and feasible.

NOPE is from Breather, a company specializing in short-term office space rentals. Download it now and let us know your comments.


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Archana Vasudev

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