Do You Want To Know What Facebook’s Computer Vision Sees On Your Photos?

Computer vision is a smart tool that allows Google and Facebook do interesting things with your photos.

So, when Facebook’s computers look at your photos, what do they see? You can go to the Inspect Element console for your Facebook page, you can see this as alt text for the image, starting as “image may contain”.

Or, you can install this new extension, “Show Facebook Computer Vision Tags” and see it without doing any extra work.

As the developer explains, since April 2016, Facebook has been automatically adding alt tags to images you upload that are populated with keywords representing the content of your images. They are labeling your images using a Deep ConvNet built by Facebook’s FAIR team.

This can be considered as an accessibility feature. However, it is sometimes a little creepy to find out how much data we feed into these services, even with photos.

So, ready to find out what Facebook’s powerful servers and software algorithms see in your stream? Download and install “Show Facebook Computer Vision Tags” from the Chrome Web Store.

Comments? thoughts? Interesting photo tags?

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