Samsung Chromebook Pro And Plus Coming In April, February

Google announced today on their blog that they are working directly with Samsung to bring us the first Chromebooks built from the ground up for Android apps.

These Chromebooks are called the Samsung Chromebook Pro, and the Samsung Chromebook Plus.

The Pro will be available in April, and the Plus is available for pre-order today.

There was very little information given about these devices in the blog post, but we did get a couple nuggets of info from the post itself, and there is a Best Buy listing with some additional info about the Plus.

Both devices will be convertible, weigh 2.38 lbs, come with a built in pen, and have a Quad-HD high resolution touch screen.

According to the Best Buy listing, the Plus will have 4GB of RAM, a 12.3″ 2400 x 1600 display, 32GB of Flash Memory, 2 USB-C ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports (not clear if these are the same USB-C ports already mentioned, or two additional USB-A ports), an HDMI out, two microphones and a built-in pen.

The only difference mentioned in the blog post between the two devices was that the Plus will come with an ARM processor (according to our friends at it’s a Rockchip 3399) and the Pro will come with an Intel M3 processor. It sounds to me like these are the same devices, one with a faster processor and one with a slower, more power efficient processor, but we don’t technically know all the specs on the Pro yet so don’t quote me on that (unless I’m right, then I accept all credit).

What do you think? Will the Samsung Plus/Pro be your next Chromebook? Or maybe that hot new thing from Asus?

Thanks to +Craig Tumblison for the tip


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