Now Play The Chrome Dinosaur Game At “chrome://dino/”

A few versions ago Google added a dinosaur game to Chrome’s network error page. Now, you can go to chrome://dino/ to play this game even when you are online.

Note: This currently in the Beta and Dev channels of Chrome and Chrome OS. If you are on the stable channel, it might take a few more weeks before you can play the game on chrome://dino

The Chrome Dinosaur Game

The Chrome dinosaur game was added for users to kill time ( I assume?) when their internet connection is not working. Yea, Google does not want you to leave Chrome even when you are not connected to the web!

This soon became a very popular feature on Chrome. I rarely do that on my Chromebook or work laptop, but I have played the dinosaur game plenty of times on Chrome on mobile.

Now that you have the game available on chrome://dino/, you no longer need to wait for the internet connection to stop working, or disconnect yourself from the internet to start playing this game. Simple type chrome://dino/ on your Chrome addressbar, press ENTER and you have the game open.

On the game screen, press the SPACE key to start playing.  The game automatically pauses when you move to another tab and quickly resumes when you are back.

Did I mention that this game works without internet connection?

Do you guys think Google should add an option to save scores and also publish a global scoreboard?

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  • John Sowash 08/01/2017, 7:34 pm

    Teachers everywhere are hoping students don’t figure this one out! = )

  • Fredi 09/01/2017, 10:22 pm

    It doesn’t work from my part. Does it concern a certain version of Chrome?

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