Refined Twitter to Provide App-Like Twitter Experience on Chrome

If you are a hardcore Twitter user and love fiddling with it every now and then, you will be missing its mobile web version while on Chrome. Here is a new extension to experience just that. It is called Refined Twitter and is available to download from the Chrome Web Store or manually.

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When you open a link that would usually give a desktop view of Twitter, Refined Twitter redirects you to the mobile web version automatically. The new mobile web version of Twitter is much faster and better looking than the desktop one. You can also use a series of desktop shortcuts for easy Twitter usage. It includes, but not limited to:

  • New tweet/DM: n
  • Go to Messages: g m
  • Go to previous tweet: k
  • Page up: Ctrl u
  • Scroll to bottom: G

According to, Refined Twitter applies some minor styling tweaks to reduce padding, improve spacing of the notifications, adding some prettier icons, and so on. It also features an optional dark mode which you can toggle on or off at any time pressing the ‘d’ key.

Refined Twitter works on Firefox too, but requires some manual steps to install it. Check this out for more details.

Check it out and let us know what you find best in the app, and what could be an area of improvement. Get it here.

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Archana Vasudev

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