Natural Language Voice Commands for Join App in Chrome

@joaomgcd is a famous Twitter handle and Joao Dias who owns this profile is the master head behind AutoApps and other Android Apps like Join. Join allows you to easily do things remotely on your Android and PC devices like SMS, notifications, clipboard etc. The latest update on Join brings to you some interesting features like controlling your devices with your voice!

You can make Join listen for a wake-up command, which by default is Computer, or you can trigger voice recognition with a keyboard shortcut. Once this is done, you can use your language to issue voice commands. Most functions of the app can be performed with your casual voice commands, not necessarily be formal or machine-like.

Things that work, according to the website, are:

  • Push this to my Nexus 5 while a tab is open on a web page
  • Reply with hello there! after you receive a new text message
  • Ring my device to make your phone ring
  • Write hello on my Nexus 6 to write ‘hello’ on your Android device
  • Note to self walk the dog to create a notification on your device with the text walk the dog
  • It would be awesome if you could start capturing the screen on my precious and awesome Nexus 5 to start capturing your Nexus 5’s screen

Using Join app, you can receive notifications from your Android device and interact with them on any other device. For example, you can reply to a Whatsapp message from your computer. There is also a provision to send SMS messages from any web browser, be it Android, PC, or even iOS.

The handy clipboard bubble you get on Android lets you easily share your clipboard between devices. You can also do this automatically or manually on other devices as well.

Other features include remote writing, opening web pages remotely, remote installation of an app from your PC, deep tasker integration etc.

Check it out and Join!



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