Handle: Inbox, To-do List, Calendar All in One

Think outside the inbox. An app called Handle has hit the market which helps you combine your to-dos, email, and calendar so you know exactly what you need to accomplish on a daily basis. Handle works with your existing Gmail or Google account.

This is what Handle does for you in a nutshell:

  1. Turn emails into to-dos by just clicking “t” for all your email details to be automatically copied into the to-do list.
  2. Set locations, reminders and due dates
  3. Built-in calendar syncs with your Google calendar
  4. Comes with two display modes: Side-bar mode shows your to-dos next to your inbox,  and Full screen mode that lets you see your to-dos with your Handle calendar.
  5. Automatically setup reminders using simple words like ‘Today.’

Download the app from Chrome web store or on the App Store for free and enjoy the additional features!

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Archana Vasudev

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