Chrome Extension Notifier to See GitHub Issues and Receive Desktop Alerts

A Chrome extension is now available for free to notify unread counts for GitHub issues. Named, Notifier for GitHub, it will show the unread counts for every action, like participating in issues of other users or creating your own repository. Every action is counted as alerts, be it someone modifying the title, adding comments to an issue or any other change. Alerts are shown as new counts on Notifier for GitHub extension icon.

This extension helps to avoid repeated checks on your GitHub account to look for new notifications as the extensions checks the GitHub Notifications API every minute. This also helps get desktop notifications of issues and gives you an option to only show unread count for issues you’re participating in.

According to, “Notifier for GitHub is an amazing Chrome extension to help you remain updated with new notifications on GitHub issues without keep opening the GitHub account in a tab. Also, the desktop notifications is a bonus feature which is really useful.”

Check this out here!

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Archana Vasudev

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