Google Pushes Chromecast with New Ads on YouTube

Watch Your Favorites, Bigger. Google releases a slew of new advertisements on YouTube to push Chromecast sales much ahead of the festival season. Subjects of the ads range from how to keep your kids engaged by showcasing their favorite shows on the TV using Chromecast, to focusing on sports enthusiasts and friends who love to watch TV together.

The short ads range from 7 – 31 seconds spot each and primarily focus on how simple using a Chromecast is and what the dongle is capable of. The tagline “Tap. Tap. And It’s On Your TV” goes well with the topics covered. Even though Google has come up with 4 different models of Chromecast as of now-  the basic Chromecast, second-gen Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, and the recent Chromecast Ultra, the ads concentrate on their basic model that comes with a price tag of $35. They also focus on the range of viewing options available on Chromecast including HBO Now, Hulu, Google Play, and many other apps.


The new addition in the Chromecast list, Chromecast Ultra  comes for a comparatively higher price tag- $69 and is expected to stream in up to 4K Ultra HD and HDR with great picture and lightning speed. It requires very minimal buffering and provides smoother streaming.

A total of 7 YouTube videos, updated 2 days ago have already crossed 1,000,600 views separately. These ads haven’t hit the TV screen yet, but expected soon.



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