Chromebooks To Get Google Assistant?

I am happily jumping the rumor wagon with our friends over at Chrome Unboxed. They have found a Chromium OS code commit that could possibly be related go Google Assistant.

This bit of code, headed towards the Samsung Chromebook Pro, talks about “Wake on voice”. This could very well be the OK Google hot-word that we are talking about. However, if you want to stretch your imaginations a bit further, this could easily be Google Assistant too. Now that Google Play Store is almost here, no one can blame you for stretching things to that direction.


Here is the commit log:

This patch can attach automaticlly rt5514 spi DAI with driver name “rt5514”
in the snd_soc_find_dai process. Turn this feature on, we can enable the
voice wake up via rt5514 dsp for RK3399 Gru Boards.

TEST=we can attach the rt5514 dsp DAI via SPI bus for voice wakeup on
RK3399 GRU Boards.

The Chromium OS bug related to this is set private. That always make things exciting!

Here is another commit related to OK Google:

This patch just to test the rt5514 wakeup feature in DSP mode,
and attach the firmwares that include the keyword which is

Now, let us assume for a minute that this is Google Assistant for Chrome OS and it has this “voice wakeup” feature too. I am wondering how that will look like on a Chromebook when the lid is closed.

Any guesses?

I am sure I will use Google Assistant more on the phone than on a Chromebook. However, it will surely be exciting to see it working on Chromebooks!


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