W Zoom – Chrome Extension for Per-Tab Zooming

Zoom in and zoom out are features all Chrome users use often. However, the zoom feature does not pertain to just one tab you open. Zooming in on a per-tab basis is a difficult task, and a solution to this problem is using W Zoom- the Chrome extension which can perform per-tab/per-origin/per-path zooming. Read on.

What does W Zoom do?

  1. Zoom in and out a page, without modifying the content of the page.
  2. Reset to the default zooming ratio, and the current zooming ratio is displayed in the middle.
  3. Set the default zooming mode and zooming method on the Options page.
  4. Choose if the zooming ratio for the current tab will affect other tabs from the same web site by defining the Per-Path zoom factor in the “per-path” options page. For example, all pages under http://www.wtoolkit.com/projects/wzoom/ will be zoomed to 130%, and all pages under http://www.wtoolkit.com/projects/wdict/ will be zoomed to 145%.
  5. Disable the “mouse wheel + ctrl key” zooming operation in the ‘advanced’ options page.

If you are ready to experiment a bit, install W Zoom from the Chrome web store and you will see a magnifying glass icon next to the URL bar. Ctrl+0 and set the zoom level to 100%. Make sure you are on the right tab you want to zoom in or out and set a value you prefer to have. Greater than 100% if you want to zoom in and vice versa.

You can keep fiddling with the extension to see the difference it creates on Chrome for you. The ‘All tabs under the path’ option is a good feature to check out if you are interested in automatically zooming in all pages from a particular domain that you’ve set in the extension’s option.

Likewise, the ‘All tabs from the same site’ option helps you automatically zoom in all pages that originate from the same domain. This is primarily useful when you are on a website that has a poor design and you will most likely be reading different pages of the same domain.

Install W Zoom for easy zoom in and out.

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