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Hide A Device From ‘Synced Tabs’ In Chrome’s History

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Google Chrome syncs your open tabs across devices. However, what if you want to hide one of those devices from your history?

Hide Google Chrome Synced Tabs

Google Chrome’s history page lists tabs recently opened on other devices that you use the same Chromesync account. This shows up as a list on top of your browsing history on Chrome’s chrome://history page.

A new feature currently under development lets you hide one of those devices if you don’t want them showing up in your history page. This is currently available in the Dev channel of Chrome and Chrome OS.

If you are using the Material Design version of history (enable the flag chrome://flags/#enable-md-history ) this feature is available there too.

Click the drop-down arrow next to the device name and choose Hide for now. That should hide tabs from that device showing in your current device’s history page.


From the wording “hide for now” this is a temporary change. However I cannot find a way to restore this yet. Reloading the page does not bring it back.

Do you find this feature useful? Let me know in comments.

via François Beaufort.

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  1. fyi if you clear Chrome flags at chrome://flags, the device will reappear

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