Chrome 54 for Android lists Google Now suggested articles on New Tab page

Open up a new tab page on Chrome 54, and you will see a whole list of recommended news articles on the page. Chrome 54, which is currently in the Dev channel has made these quite useful features available by default and hopefully makes its way to other platforms soon.

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This also has a section for ‘Recent Bookmarks’ underneath the grid of your frequently visited websites. ‘Articles for you’ list comes just below the grid and they are similar to the kind of articles you have on Google Now. Each card has Article title, Image, and the first lines you may want to read. It also has information on the publication details of the article. You can scroll down the page and see other recommended articles that are based on your browsing history.

The feature gets popped up automatically or when you update and launch Chrome Dev. In case it doesn’t, type chrome://flags into the omnibar and it provides a lot of options to to either have personalized or non-personalized articles served to you. Check for the item labeled ‘Show content snippets on the New Tab Page.’ If you change the settings from Default to Enabled and relaunch Chrome, you will be able to see the new Google Now feature.

In case you don’t have Chrome Dev version 54 yet, download it from the Google Play Store.

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