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How to Manage Chromebook App Permissions

You can manage your Chromebook app permissions from Settings > Apps > Manage your apps. You can also change notification preferences for apps as well from here.

Chromebook App Management

Chrome OS started off with only web apps. Later it added Android apps. We now have Linux apps on our Chromebooks. We might even see Windows app in the near future.

How do you manage these apps and app permissions?

Chrome OS now has a single page to manage apps. You can access this by going to Settings > Apps > Manage your apps.

Manage your apps

On the Manage your apps page, you will see a list of all the apps installed on your Chromebook. This includes Android apps as well.

List of apps on a Chromebook

To manage permissions for an app, click and select the app from this list.

Permissions for an app

Click the toggle next to a permission to enable or disable it. To see additional permissions, click More settings and permissions.

If this is for an Android app, the Android App Settings page will be displayed. You can change additional permissions on this page.

Android App Permissions

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