Apps Might Soon Be Able To Change Screen Temperature On Chromebooks

Using apps on your phone to adjust color temperature? You might soon be able to do that on Chromebooks too. You are most likely to use the same app that you run on your Android phone to do that.

I used Twilight for Android briefly on my Nexus 6 to adjust color temperature to suite the time of the day. It changed the screen temperature automatically according to the time of the day. My screen had a red hue in the night.

I uninstalled the app after a week, but I know that many of you here use such apps and may be some are even fans. If you are one of them, Chromebooks are going to get such apps very soon.

Currently, there are extensions that can help you do this, but they can do that only on browser tabs. Chrome OS does not allow any app to control the screen temperature of the entire display.

A recent bug report that a Redditor stumbled up on talks about adding this feature to Chrome OS.

From the Chromium code repo:

Right now the color temperature of ChromiumOS appears to be fixed, and it is a very blue (high temperature) setting. At night, many users prefer to shift their screen’s color temperature down to a lower range to allow their eyes to adjust better to low-light conditions. As the sun sets, their screen’s blue content matches the outside lighting.

An even better feature would be to automatically set this based on time and geographic location. Several software packages do this at the OS level: and being prime examples. There is also a Chrome extension which attempts to do this:, but the extension has several issues.

The plan is to land this API with Chrome OS version 54. However, some developers would like to this landed in Chrome OS with version 53, along with Android apps and Google Play Store. This way, users will be able to install the same app that they use on Android to get this feature on Chromebooks.

Are you using any apps like Twilight on your phone? Will you enable this feature on your Chromebook when it is ready?

Via OMG Chrome.

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