Meet “Chell” A 16 GB RAM Chromebook Board with Lightbar – Pixel Candidate?

Google releases a new Pixel Chromebook once about every two years. However a new Chromebook board spotted in Chromium code stands out with high-spec, Pixel-like qualities.

Meet “Chell”

Let’s start with a brief introduction of what a Chromebook board is. Google along with its partners put together prototypes of future Chromebooks. These prototypes are called boards. Various hardware combinations are tested and a few of the many boards make it into real Chromebooks.

Chell is a Chromebook board that Chromebook fan Jacob Gwiazdzinski spotted on the Chromium code. As a “board” this may or may not make it to a final Chromebook manufactured by Google or one of its partners.

Boards are nothing new for Chromebook fans who follow François Beaufort or Chrome Story (I know, shameless plug!). What makes Chell special?


For starters, this board comes with 16GB RAM. Then there is skylake processor and backlit keyboard. To top it off, an LED light bar which is found only on Chromebook Pixels and the first generation HP Chromebook 11 which was designed in partnership with Google.

Other Tidbits

It is definitely too early for a new Pixel. However, it is hard to believe that a company other than Google is attempting a Chromebook with specs as high as this.

We need more leaks and more code finds. While we wait for that, why don’t you drop your speculations about this board here in the comments section?

Thanks Dennis Lockhart.

8 responses to “Meet “Chell” A 16 GB RAM Chromebook Board with Lightbar – Pixel Candidate?”

  1. The question is, will this be a triumph? If so, you’ll have to make a note here to tell us what a huge success it was.

  2. Is there any indication that it will have USB-C 3.1 Gen 2?

    That would open a really interesting possibility with external GPUs like the Razer Core (although an implementation from Nvidia/ ATI/ Intel would be preferable).

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