CloudReady Now Lets You Install Chromium OS and Windows To Dualboot

CloudReady, if you haven’t heard about them yet, allows you to turn your old laptop into a Chromebook. Well, almost. It lets you install Chromium OS, which is almost identical to Chrome OS. Now they have added the ability to dual boot Windows along with Chromium OS.

In the early days of Chrome OS, when Chromebooks were not very popular, and Chromebooks were not available in plenty and cheap, people looked for options to run Chrome OS on their laptops and netbooks. There were a few options, including an experimental build from the folks at Dell.  Those builds were mostly stable and usable. However they lacked one critical feature of Chrome OS: Automatic software updates.

Chrome OS lets you forget about updating your operating system. It takes care of things automatically, and very regularly. This is crucial to the Chrome OS concept. CloudReady brings automatic updates and support (you have to pay for support) to the Chromium OS mix, making it much more compelling.

Now, here is another thing. Think about a school who wants to switch to Chrome OS. What happens to their old computers? They are still running Windows or some other operating system. How do you bring them to the Chromebook fleet without much hassle?

CloudReady again. Install the Chromium OS from CloudReady and upgrade them to Chrome OS level. Plus you get support and automatic software updates as I mentioned earlier.

Now, how do you make this offering even more interesting. Well, what if you could install CloudReady along with Windows? Well, that’s what they are adding now.

Download CloudReady with Dualboot

If you’re an individual user, you can download v45.3 right now from  If you are looking for instructions you can read them here and or download them here.

Dualboot will only work with a pre-existing Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 builds which is installed in UEFI mode. That means a machine with a legacy-only BIOS, or a Windows install that is in legacy-mode, will not work for dualboot.

So, if you have a spare Windows machine around, go ahead and give this a try now!

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