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Google Launches Chrome Beta for iOS, Brings 3D Touch

Following the footsteps of Android, Windows and OS X, Chrome now has a beta edition on iOS too. If you want to live on the bleeding edge and taste the newest stuff weeks before the layman, this is the browser that you should be using.

There was no big announcement and not even the ceremonial blog post that Google is known for. The launch was quiet. The point probably is, if you are adventurous enough to install beta version of a software and use it, I am sure you have many ways of finding it out. You already read tech blogs and listen to podcasts etc (is listening to podcasts considered geeky?)

The beta version of Chrome on iOS was launched using TestFlight, the beta distribution service Apple acquired last year and integrated into its own developer services.

TestFlight trials usually have 2000 user limit for downloads and requires sign up. It will be interesting to know if Google has some special arrangement with Apple on this, to increase or remove the limit.

Downloading Chrome for iOS Beta

  1. Go to the download page here and touch Download Chrome Beta.
  2. Sign up with your email address
  3. Verify your email address clicking the link in the email.
  4. Wait for the download link in email (that’s where I am now!)

3D Touch on Chrome

The current attraction of the beta release is 3D touch. Now you can touch and hold the Chrome icon to reveal a menu with New Tab, Voice Search and Incognito tab options. Hopefully, we will see more 3D touch enabled features on Chrome soon.

If you have already tried Chrome beta for iOS, drop in a comment with your experience and anything new that you have found!

via Google System.

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