Chrome for Android – “Theme Color” Without Merging Tabs

Do you guys remember the little color thing that Chrome for Android introduced around Android Lollipop release? If admins added a small line of code on to their website, Chrome will make them look more “native” on Android.

This worked well with the merged tabs (the feature that includes open Chrome tabs in Android’s system menu for running apps). Now, the team is working on bringing this “outside” merged tabs. If you are like me, and have disabled the merged tabs feature, you will still see these theme colors.

This feature is currently available on Chrome for Android’s Developer channel. Thanks to the rapid release cycle of Chrome, you all should have this feature in few weeks from now.

This makes websites a little more Material Design friendly when you visit them on Android. I have (re)implemented this feature on Chrome Story now. Go ahead and give it a try if you are Chrome Dev for Android. If you are not, wait for few more weeks and you should notice it!

Here is how it looks like now:

Do you have a website that you implemented this one? Let me know!

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