Your Chromebook Trackpad Will Soon Have “Pinch to Zoom”

If the comments on this chromium bug is to be believed, Chromebook trackpads will soon have pinch to zoom. Chrome OS already supports pinch to zoom on touchscreen models like Pixel, but with trackpad support for pinch to zoom, things are going to a lot more fun for Chromebook fans!

Nothing is final yet, this is just an educated guess based on Chromium bug 410580. Based on the comments, the team is actively working on this feature. Here is the latest comment on the bug:

This patch creates the event plumbing needed to dispatch trackpad pinch
event through the browser (in Aura). Note that the code to dispatch the
pinch zoom event to the renderer and blink and handling it there is in
place thanks to the work done for Mac. Also, currently, no pinch event
is received from Chrome OS as it is behind an off-by-default flag. When
the pinch event tunings on the platform is completed, the flag would be
turned on and we would have trackpad pinch zoom.

The bug has been tagged M48. The current developer channel version is 47.x. So, this feature is still weeks of not months away. For us Chromies however, this is still exciting. For a bunch of who run the Canary or Developer channel of Chrome OS, this feature might be just weeks away.

Star bug# 410580 if you want to let the team know that it is important to you, and also receive updates on the progress.

Thanks Mark Dodsworth

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  1. “Pinch to Zoom” would be a nice touch for sure.
    Now if they only added “Off”… 😉

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