Chrome OS Music Player App to Get This Shiny New Icon

A new music player app icon has been checked in to the Chromium OS code base. This was spotted yesterday and if everything goes OK, we should see this in the next Dev channel release of Chrome OS. Here is the new guy:

As you can see, this is not a Material Design makeover of the existing icon. This is a new icon replacing the old one (which was not bad at all)

Apart from the icon change, the player is also getting some additional design touches. These changes will bring more Material Design elements to the player, including the font. Here is the list of changes:

AudioPlayer: Update color, font, and playlist.

This CL includes:
– Color change for background, ripple, hover.
– Change layout of playlist.
– Show playing icon for active track. Play icon for hovered track.
– Use Roboto.

So, what do you think? Like or no like!

Source: Chromium.

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  1. old one is better IMO

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