Amazon Stops Selling Chromecast

Planning to buy one of those second generation Chromecast or the new Chromecast Audio from Amazon? Be quick and buy it before October 29. Amazon will stop selling Chromecasts and Apple TVs from 29th of October.

This is part of Amazon’s strategy to play nice with devices that are compatible Amazon’s Prime Video service. According to Bloomberg: Inc. will stop selling media-streaming devices from Google Inc. and Apple Inc. that aren’t easily compatible with its video service, the latest example of the company using its clout to promote products that fit with its own retailing strategy.

Roku Inc.’s set-top device, Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox and Sony Corp.’s PlayStation, they all will still be available on Amazon, yes, they are compatible with Prime Video!

Bad news for Google, but I am sure this will be another reason for them to invest more on their new online Google Store. And for Amazon, they will loose some $$ but I am sure if this strategy works, they will reap better results through their Prime service.

So, the holiday season is almost here, we can all see that already!

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  1. Amazon may lose some money, but more likely they’ll lose reputation points. This makes them seem desperate and less consumer friendly, which just adds to the other questionable decision of refusing to make Chromecast and Apple TV apps.

    If they really wanted Amazon Video to succeed they would do like Netflix and make the app available on every single streaming platform invented.

    1. Agreed. It’s this sort of attitude that will eventually lead to their downfall. Up until recently they always seemed very consumer friendly. This move, among other recent news has definitely knocked them down some points in my book.

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