Google Chrome’s Downloads Page Gets Material Design Makeover

Material Design on Chrome and Chrome OS as you all know, is a slow and gradual process. One page at a time, or one feature at a time (and sometimes one icon at a time), that has been Chrome team’s approach to Material Design. Here is the latest.

The Downloads page on Chrome and Chrome OS has been given a Material Design makeover with the recent update, if you are on the Dev channel or the Canary channel. The new design is behind a flag and you will need to enable this and restart the browser for the new design to take effect.

This design is still a work-in-progress, but here is how it looks like:

It looks a lot like the settings menu of Android with Material Design. Here is what Material Design for Chrome Settings menu looks like. You will see the same color screen here too.

Material Design for Chrome and Chrome OS looks interesting. The question however is, when will we see this new design language, completely included in the browser and the operating system.

What do you think? What makes this process slow?

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  1. You can also move the download bar to notifications, which is pretty neat. You get some stuff like image thumbnails.

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