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Simultaneous Multilingual Spellchecking Coming to Google Chrome

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Here is some good news for those who handle more than one language online. Google Chrome will soon help you do spell check in multiple languages, simultaneously. This new feature was spotted by 9to5Google in the latest Dev channel release of Chrome.

Right now, you can do spell check in only one language, the default language that you have selected for the browser. Once this feature is ready, you can have couple more languages added to the list and use them while doing spell check. The ability to do that without switching the default language of the browser will be really useful for a whole bunch of people.

Here is something interesting to note, especially for those who follow Chrome / Chrome OS news, the discussion about this feature goes all the way back to 2008, early days of Google Chrome!

Not Ready Yet

This feature is not functional yet. And just like any other Dev channel change, this may or may not make it to the stable version.

According to the developers, only the UI part of this feature has been completed. You might see this option if you are using the Dev channel release of Chrome, but clicking on it won’t do any magic just yet.

Here is how the UI looks like:


Won’t Come to Mac OSX

Chrome for Mac uses the native spell checker provided by OSX, and not the one that Google makes. Hence, this feature will not make it to the Mac version of Google Chrome.

Anyone who’s excited for this feature here? Stop by and comment!

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