Sidebars Coming Back To Google Chrome?

Remember the old side tabs on Google Chrome? They were available for a while and the team removed the side bars feature. Looks like this little feature is coming back, more powerful this time, as an API.

Correction: The earlier incarnation of Sidebar, that also was an API.  (Thank you PhistucK)

A Sidebars API has been proposed with a detailed explanation of why this will make sense. Interestingly, the design document links to lots of extensions that use a workaround (injecting HTML to current page) to display a side tab, and even lists popular threads on the Google Product Forums complaining about their decision to remove the original side bar.

The issue tracking the Sidebar API has over 400 stars making it one of the most popular open issues. There are also hundreds of posts asking for a sidebar on Google Groups with some of these posts receiving hundreds of replies each. Here are a couple threads on the topic that had significant activity:

The API Advantage

This is the reason why I said that sidebar is coming back more powerful. An API means there are a lot more room for innovation from developers. You will start seeing lots of extensions and apps making use of this API and building useful experiences.

Yes, there will be many subpar implementations too, just like any other API, but I am sure we all will find one or two extensions that we will give space too.

Or, there will be hundreds of people who will love to at least have the ability to arrange their open tabs on a sidebar. I had a few of them here on Chrome Story. (Do you guys still read my blog?)

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  1. A small note – in its old incineration, it also was an “API”.

    1. Thank you @phistuck:disqus
      I have added a note to the post.

      1. No need to give me the credit.

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