Buy Two Chromecasts from Google Store and Save $15

Chromecast, which celebrated its second birthday recently, is just one lucky product to always have an freebie or an offer. Always. Here is the latest. You can save $15 if you buy two Chromecasts from Google Store USA.

The Chromecast retails for $35, and that means you can get two for $55, instead of $70 with this sale. This sales is currently available only in the US edition of the Google Store.

You can grab this offer from here.

What is Chromecast

For those who are new to Chromecast and Google Cast, here is a quick intro. Chromecast is a HDMI dongle that uses Google Cast technology to stream media and content to connected TVs. It helps you easily stream your videos or music to a TV wirelessly.


There isn’t much of a set up or additional software required. There are tonnes of apps supporting this platform so you will see a Cast icon on these services.

You can read more about Google Cast here on Chrome Story’s archive for Google Cast.

via Android Central.

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