Coming Soon To Chromebooks – Cast Your Entire Desktop

Looks like Chrome OS is getting native Google Cast support, baked right into the operating system. The newest optioned that showed up in Chrome OS canary makes me think that.

The latest Canary channel release of Chrome OS has a cast option, for the entire desktop. And it is not from the Google Cast extension (that has been around for a while). This option shows up right on your system tray, where your settings and profile icon etc shows.

Here is how it looks like:

Once you click that option, you will be shown all the Google Cast ready devices in your network. Like so:

In other words, Chrome OS is going Google Cast ready. I think that’s the big takeaway from this. Yes, the video player already supports Google Cast natively, but this change makes the entire operating system Cast ready.

Can’t wait to test this!

Thanks a lot Brandon Giesing! ( and Craig Tumblison for the technical consultation!)

Correction – this requires the Google Cast extension.

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7 responses

  1. *”a lot smoother,” or, “a lot more smooth.”

    1. Thank you Chris! Will edit now.

    2. Chris, I had to remove that sentence because of the correction Brandon mentioned above.

      Thanks again 🙂

  2. CORRECTION!!! Aparently it DOES require the extension installed….

    1. Will edit. Thank you again!!

  3. Does the video player support cast?? It was removed. Doesn’t work now. Not even when you enable the flag. Am I missing somwthing?

  4. The Chromecast beta extension has been great for me on my windows machine. I use it with our music management chrome extension SndControl 1-Click Music Manager and play music on my TV. It’s great.

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