This Official Chrome extension Lets You Share Links With Sounds

Google Tone, a newly released Chrome extension from the Google Accessibility team, lets you share links with sounds. The sharing works between computers with the extension installed.

From the official blog post:

The first version was built in an afternoon for fun (which resulted in numerous rickrolls), but we increasingly found ourselves using it to share documents with everyone in a meeting quickly, to exchange design files back and forth while collaborating on UI design, and to contribute relevant links without interrupting conversations.

Here is how it works:

To get started, first install the Tone extension for Chrome. Then simply open a tab with the URL you want to share, make sure your volume is on, and press the Tone button. Your machine will then emit a short sequence of beeps. Nearby machines receive a clickable notification that will open the same tab.

Sounds like something that you might want to try? Install from here.

Thanks Mike McLoughlin

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