Now You Can Search Your Google Drive Files and Local Files From Chrome OS App Launcher

Here is the latest feature added to Chrome OS (Dev channel only for now, under a flag), searching your Google Drive files and local files from the app launcher search bar. This is not a totally new concept, but as a really useful option to have, I am happy for this!

Plus, Google is implementing this as an API which means we can see other applications providing service, say, searching your Dropbox files from your app launcher?

Here is how to test this. Enable the flag “Launcher Search Provider API” at chrome://flags/#enable-launcher-search-provider-api, restart your Chromebook and search for anything you have downloaded or stored in Google Drive.

If the search result is a directory, it will open it in the Files app, otherwise it will try to execute the default task. That means you can search for an image and click the search result to open it using your default program for images.

Sounds like something that you’ll find useful? Let me know!

via François Beaufort.

  1. Means you can’t do that before ? But Chrome OS users are stupid of what ?!

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