Google Chrome Will Soon Play 4K and Other High Resolution Videos Smoother

Google is working on a project that will make Chrome play high resolution video better.  Smoother video frame rendering for HTML5 videos is already available in Chrome’s Dev channel, behind a flag.

How To Test This

If you use Google Chrome Dev channel, enable chrome://flags/#enable-new-video-renderer flag and restart Chrome to start testing this new experience.

What To Expect

According to François Beaufort, this means that if your computer was on the edge of playing 4K60, 4K, 1080p60 videos on YouTube for instance (hiccup every few seconds), it should now play smoothly.

Here is sample video (thanks Engadget) that you can try:

One more thing. You’ll still need a good processor on your computer for this to work as smooth as the team/you want it to. That’s not changing.

So, give it a try and let me know how it goes!

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