Chrome OS Adds ‘Unified Desktop’ Mode

If you use multiple monitors with app windows spread across more than one monitor, here is some good news for you. Chrome OS is adding a new feature called “Unified Desktop” to let you do just that.

This is currently available in Dev channel,  behind “Unified desktop mode” flag at chrome://flags/#ash-enable-unified-desktop. Enable the flag and restart your Chromebook to test this out.

Once it’s enabled, applications like Citrix Receiver or Chrome Remote Desktop will definitely take advantage of this mode, says François Beaufort. Now, I have one possible use case for this. Have you seen those massive billboard setups using multiple monitors placed together like a giant one? I do not know how exactly they work, but reading about this new feature along with the news that Chrome OS is now powering various display systems, I suspect that this feature is for that market.

What do you think?

  1. I totally agree, the Google digital signage that they’ve been promoting recently was the first thing I thought of when I saw that Resolution you showed in the screen shot here.

    1. +1 for that!

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