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Chrome’s Built-in Plug-Ins Explained!

Google Chrome comes with a few plugins inbuilt/bundled. Here is a quick list of those plugins and a short description explaining what each of them do (and a link to a detailed article).

  1. Widevine Content Decryption Module: This allows Chrome to play DRM-protected HTML5 video and audio. (like Netflix.)
  2. Native Client: This allows developers to run C or C++ code on a web site. For the most part, this is really only used for some of the more complicated apps and games in the Chrome Web Store.
  3. Adobe Flash: This is Adobe Flash, but tweaked a bit for Google Chrome.
  4. Chrome Remote Desktop Viewer: This is the Chrome Remote Desktop app needed to access your computer remotely. The plug-in doesn’t do anything unless you activate it.
  5. Chrome PDF Viewer: This one’s pretty self-explanatory: it’s the plug-in that lets you read PDF files.

Source: How-to Geek via Lifehacker.

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  1. IIRC the Remote Desktop Viewer will only show up if you’ve installed the appropriate Chrome App.

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