Chrome Makes It Easy To Report Abusive Extensions

There are tonnes of troublemaker apps and extensions in any ecosystem and Chrome is not any different. User feedback, lots and lots of user feedback is something that any company handling such eco systems would love to see. One way to get more feedback? Make it easy to submit feedback.

The Google Chrome team is doing just that by adding a simple check box to the Chrome extensions uninstall confirmation message.

This feature is currently in the Dev channel, which means there are few more weeks before you can test this if you are using the stable channel of Chrome or Chrome OS.

The thing is simple. You will get a Report abuse check box on the confirmation box while deleting an app or extension. If you check that while removing the extension, it will open a new tab to the “Report Abuse” Chrome Web Store item page.

Simple. Use it next time you find an abusive extension!

via François Beaufort

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  1. Hi Dinsan, what constitutes an abusive extension? It’s such a vague term. Would too much memory usage (subjective) be abusive, or advertising. It would be easy for people to report as abusive an extension they simply didn’t like for some reason. That’s what I am wondering.

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