Background Sound While You Work Online? There is a Chrome Extension For That!

Noisli, a web app that provides backgrounds for you to relax or stay product online, has launched a Chrome extension. This is a good news for Noisli  fans because they no longer need a tab open all the time just for the background sound.

The Noisli extension can provide your favorite background sound right from the Chrome toolbar. If you have a Noisli account with some sound combinations saved, that can be used with this extension as well.

For those who are reading about Noisily for the first time, (like me!) this is an excellent place to start. This can easily be one of the extensions that I keep after the short review period. The last one that made it to the list was Momentum, a beautiful New Tab Page replacement app.  Also, I love the design of Noisli website and their extension. That’s another plus because that matters to me a lot.

Ready to give this a try? Download and install Noisli from here.

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