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LG G4 Has Inbuilt Chromecast Support

LG has embraced Google Cast on the Operating System level with their latest flagship phone, the G4. TechCrunch reports:

What’s nice about this year’s LG flagship is that the OS was created with Google users in mind, meaning that Google’s suite of productivity apps comes pre-installed, and that Chrome is the default browser choice. There’s OS-level Chromecast support, too, for sharing from your onboard music library and gallery apps, and most of LG’s own apps feature Android Wear extensions out of the box. You also get 100GB of free Google Drive storage for two years with G4 purchase.

That 100GB Google Drive storage for 2 years sounds familiar!

So, G4 users will be able to use Chromecast without the Chromecast app installed, straight out of the box. If you have an Android TV with inbuilt Google Cast, this will be possible without even the Chromecast dongle!

The G4 looks like a really good machine with an incredible camera (reviews are yet to come in, but it looks a lot better than most of the other smartphone cameras in the market). My phone is old and needs an upgrade soon. Think G4 will be a good fit?

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  1. the g2 and g3 h ad this too

    1. Really? I will check that. Thanks for the info!

  2. “So, G4 users will be able to use Chromecast without the Chromecast app installed, straight out of the box.”

    All Android phones can do this. It seems the only difference in the G4 is that they’ve built Chromecast into their own apps. Article is pretty misleading.

    1. G4 has OS level support.
      Other android phones must install Chromecast application to connect to the Chromecast.

      1. Only to set up a Chromecast. If you already have a Chromecast set up, any device can cast to it without ever installing the Chromecast app. Are you saying the G4 will have the Chromecast app pre-installed?

        EDIT: I believe what the Tech Crunch article is implying is that Chromecast support is built into LG’s system apps.

      2. Wrong

    2. If you’re talking about screen mirroring, then yes – you will need the Chromecast app in most cases. But for casting from YouTube, Plex, Netflix, Hulu or any other app, you do not need the Chromecast app installed.

      1. Only for casting your screen, but not supported apps. Uninstall it – you’ll see the cast icon is still there for supported apps.

  3. Author clearly does not understand how chromecast support works. Every android device can cast to a chromecast without installing the chromecast app. Every android device can cast to an android tv without needing a chromecast dongle.

    Crap article about literally nothing.

  4. After setting up the chromecast initially, I deleted the app & never downloaded it again. Even after flashing new roms.

    I don’t get it.

  5. With any Lollipop phone pull down with two fingers and you’ll see “Cast screen” on the quick menu. So what’s different with LG?

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