Chrome OS Adds “Lucid Sleep” For Chromebooks to Stay Updated While in “Sleep Mode”

Here is an interesting feature that Google is adding to Chrome OS. Code named “Lucid Sleep”,  this allows Chromebooks to stay connected and updated even in suspended state. From the looks of it, you will need a Chromebook that is supported, not just the latest version of Chrome OS. The new Chromebook Pixel is one of the supported devices.

Here is the official literature explaining the feature:

Potential tasks include:

  • Associating with a known WiFi access point that has just come into range
  • Updating user data in response to a received push message
  • Synchronizing with app servers at the request of an app
  • Performing system maintenance like trimming SSDs or checking the battery level

To minimize power consumption while performing tasks and external indications the device is performing work, the device uses a hybrid power state called Lucid Sleep. Effectively using this state requires coordination between all parts of the system, from the kernel to the system daemons to the Chrome browser.

The best part of this feature is the ability to connect to a new Wifi hotspot when you move around with the lid closed. It can also update push notifications and app data while suspended so that it will be ready to go as soon as you lift the lid!

If you are on 2015 Pixel Chromebook and latest version of Chrome OS, look for “Keep Wifi on during sleep” in Settings!

via François Beaufort

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