Will Google Bundle Chromebook Pixel 2.0 With Its Upcoming LTE Network?


<wild guess>

It is a rain Tuesday morning here in Bangalore. The coffee is hot, and  I’m in a good mood for a wild guess and a rant.

Google Confirms Plan to Offer Wireless Service“. “Pixel 2.0 “Coming Soon”, Google Confirms.” Those were two of the most important headlines from the past week. Do you guys think there is possibly some connection between these two?

The Google exec who confirmed the existence of a Chromebook Pixel 2.0 also added that this will continue to be a premium device for Developers and Googlers (plus crazy Chromebook fans). Last time, they bundled 1 TB Google Drive storage free for 3 years with the Pixel.  That was a $240 value for Pixel owners.

This year, what if they add something from their own LTE network? Like 1 GB of data or some discounted billing rates?

Google needs devices and people to test their LTE network, something like a public beta test. If they do it on their own platform, both hardware and software (Pixel and Chrome OS), they will get a better flexibility for the whole scheme.

Of course all this is 100% speculation, there is nothing that hints at such a possibility. But, speculating is a “feel good” exercise!

</wild guess>


So, what do you think? Is this even possible?

Source: A Tuesday morning conversation with my friend Mike McLoughlin.

  1. This sounds excellent, I want this….

    1. Well, this is just a wild guess 🙂

      1. Still, I want Google to make a few more wild leaps, even though they’ve made plenty

        1. They are not shy towards taking moonshots.

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