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Meet ChromeOS Based Digital Signage, POS and Kiosk Machines From AOPEN

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Here is a whole new territory for Chrome OS. Google has announced ChromeOS Based Digital Signage, POS, and Kiosk Machines in partnership with AOPEN.

From the announcement:

Today we’re launching new Signage tools that turn any screen and Chromebox into an intelligent sign. Also, our friends at AOPEN announced three new commercial Chrome OS devices that will add more durability to digital signage.


AOPEN is a new name for me, but their press release says they are doing the digital signage business for more than 19 years.

Stephen Borg, Corporate Director, AOPEN says the collaboration is a win-win for the industry:

“Google shares our vision for open standards and encouraging multiple app providers. Retailers of all sizes are increasingly embracing digital signage, and the new products we are developing with Google will be powerful but still affordable. We’ve already seen big developer interest in Chrome OS as a platform for digital signage apps, and we’re excited to bring new managed commercial Chrome devices to market,” Stephen Borg says.

According to Google’s official blog post, they are adding three new features to the platform to make it easier for customers to build and display signs:

  • The Chrome Sign Builder helps you create intelligent digital signs that are easy to build, schedule, and deploy. Y
  • The Chrome App Builder makes it easy to build third-party kiosk apps. 
  • Ongoing reporting monitors the health of your kiosks and signage at all times. 

These are all totally new areas where I never imagined Chrome and Chrome OS. From the Pixel to Digital Signage, 2015 is already looking very interesting for Chrome and Chrome OS.

  1. Brilliant market for them to get into!

    1. Yes, can’t agree more!

  2. Ron Gonzalez Lobo Avatar
    Ron Gonzalez Lobo

    Can’t wait to see our digital signage cloud solution viewneo (viewneo.com) running on it 🙂

    1. Do you work in something related to that?

      1. Ron Gonzalez Lobo Avatar
        Ron Gonzalez Lobo

        Yes I do 🙂

        1. Interesting 🙂

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