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Google is Testing Chrome OS on Intel’s Upcoming “Braswell” Platform

Pentium N3700, code named Braswell, is Intel’s upcoming 14nm quad core chip clocked at 1.6GHz, with the ability to jump all the way to 2.4GHz. This new chip is excepted to replace Bay-Trail-M BGA based N3540. You can read more about this chip here.

Now, the news. Google is testing this new chip on a board named after Stragoa playable character in Final Fantasy VI.  Well, we do not know anything other than the name and the chipset. There isn’t anything that I could find from the commit logs too.

This processor is expected to come to market by second half of 2015, so we know when we will start seeing Chromebooks with this chip, approximately. 

Stay tuned for more!

via François Beaufort

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  1. Nice, i’m totally in love with the chromebooks, they are so nice and powerfull!

    I have an quadcore Chromebook 14, the speed is enough.
    My next chromebook does only needs an 1080p screen!

    1. Screen is something that almost all the Chromebooks ignore.

      1. I’m not sure which screen i currently have but i thought it was 720p and i want 1080p

        1. Would you consider a Pixel?

  2. Do you think Chromebooks with this chip will be fanless?
    Personally, I hope so.

    1. Hopefully. I do not have any information on that yet.
      I think Intel wants all their chips to be able to support fanless boards in the future.

    2. I prefer performance over fanless, all fanless chromebooks don’t have the juice required for constant performance!

      1. I am sure that those chips will soon achieve the same performance, going fanless. An year or two may be/?

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