Chrome Remote Desktop Is Now A Stand-alone Chrome App

Chrome’s Remote Desktop feature is something that have been in development for a long time. It even changed the name couple of times during the whole journey. Last week we had another development, where Remote Desktop was made a full-fledged  Chrome app.

This, according to François Beaufort, gives more flexibility to developers to add more features. In his own words:

This means no more tricks such as “Open as a window” to get around unexpected keyboard shortcuts. The custom window title bar will allow you to create as many new connections/windows as you wish and even go fullscreen. And since it’s a Chrome App, you can add it to your shelf/dock/ taskbar/desktop to quickly access it.”

Now that Chrome Remote Desktop is a Chrome App, I would assume that the updates to the app will be more faster, and consistent across operating systems.

Do you have any feature-wishlist for this app?

  1. Yes. The Google Chrome team should fix multi-monitor support (which they manage to break several times a year through their own updates). It’s incredibly frustrating, as otherwise it would be an excellent app. (And yes, I did report it to them, to no avail, and I’m by far not the only one with this problem).

    1. Hopefully, they will have more time for bug fixes now!

  2. I hope that i will be able to stream my Windows to my Chromebook and vice versa.

    And that i can stream my iOS devices to my Chromebook.

    1. I think the first can be done as of now.

  3. How can I get the new app? =(

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