A Child Friendly Mode for Google Chrome Getting Ready?

Chrome already has a Supervised Users feature that allows parents to share their Chromebooks with children with some additional control over the settings. Now, a new flag added to the Canary version of Chrome OS suggests something bigger in this direction. Here is the flag:

Enable child account detection. Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android
Enable detection of child accounts on sign-in and startup, as well as periodically. #enable-child-account-detection

The flag does not give any information about how the Child Account is different from normal accounts. We will still have to wait for more information on that. However, on Chrome OS, there is one more interesting thing related to this.

A New Child Mode Wallpaper

There is a new wallpaper specific for Child Accounts. If you are on Chrome OS canary build, you can find it here: file:///usr/share/chromeos-assets/wallpaper/

It is a nicely done Material Design based image, the default wallpaper in different colors. Now, what does that suggest? A new mode, if you ask me.

We have a default wallpaper for normal accounts. Then there is a black and white version of the same wallpaper for the Guest Mode. So, if they are adding a new wallpaper for Child Accounts, it might be for a new mode right?

What do you think? let me know! Also, I’m interested to know what kind of features do you expect in a Child Mode?

Thanks Hi, I’m Will on Chromebook Central forum.

  1. This is the piece of news I was (and I am) waiting! Hopefully it iwll be released before my daughter turns 18 😀

    1. I’m sure there are many more parents waiting for something like this!

  2. I am hoping this will give us the ability to monitor our children’s chat and browsing history as well as ping parents for permission to install anything. There’s too many ‘garbage’ apps in the chrome store and children can’t decipher between what’s real and what’s crap. 🙂

    1. Well, I have big hopes for this thing.
      Even if your favorite feature is not present at launch, there is still hope that things will be added gradually.

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