Pixel 2.0 “Coming Soon”, Google Confirms (Kind of)

My friend Joey @ OMG Chrome has unearthed a video (which was made private soon after, which makes it more interesting) wherein a Google executive confirms the existence of a Pixel 2.0, coming soon to the market.

The video shows Google’s Renee Niemi talking to attendees of Google’s Team Work 2015 event, explaining company’s plans around Pixel 2.0. Here is the text:

“We do have a new Pixel coming out and it will be coming out soon. We will be selling it but I just have to set your expectations: this is a development platform. This is really a proof of concept. We don’t make very many of these — we really don’t. And […] our developers and our Googlers consume 85% of what we produce. But yes, we do have a new Pixel coming out.”

The news of a Pixel 2.0 is exciting. However, what fascinates me more is the explanation given by Google on what their plan is for Pixel. We have always had speculations and assumptions on what Google wants to do with Pixel. Set a standard, make it the Nexus of Chromebooks or just have some fun.

Chromebook Pixel 1.0

Looks like we have an explanation now, and we also know that there won’t be a diluted Pixel 2.0 to keep the costs low. We are most likely to see a product with the same build quality and better specs, probably the same design and a slightly lower price, or a newer improved design for pretty much the same price.

The waiting game has started. All we need now is reports of invites going out to reporters for the grand revealing!

  1. I’m excited, but I needed a laptop last year and bought a MacBook pro retina. I’ve always wanted a chromebook that ran a full OS, as I need a machine to write code and edit video.

    Every year I hope “this is the year” Google makes Chrome OS more robust.

    Here’s to hoping! Cheers

    1. And for the record, I would trade in my MCP for a Chromebook if it did everything I need!

      1. That’s the spirit!

    2. 🙂 Hopefully, they will bring a machine that meets your expectations!

    3. There are some apps for developers in the Chrome Web Store. You should look for.
      Video editing on the device does not fit the philosophy of Chrome OS.
      Such services should appear in the cloud. So far, no one took up for creation of a professional video editing tool in the cloud. There are only a few simple apps: Stupeflix, Magisto, WeVideo.

  2. “This Video Is Private”

    I have started saving money every pay day to soften the financial blow that this “Mythical Little Pixie Two” is likely to cause on the day of her long awaited debut.

    Thank you Dinsan for the transcripts and info.

  3. Hey, Dinsan, I didn’t find an email that I could use to contact you so I’m posting it here, do you know rollApp? This site lets you use ordinary programs like GIMP and (soon) Android Studio (and a lot more) through the internet, so it can be accessed by a chromebook!


    It also can be synced with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive…

    Please give it a try and share it on your site, please. :DD

    1. Hi,

      I’ll take a look. Thanks for sharing!

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