Lenovo’s N20 Sequel, The Rugged N21 Chromebook Coming in March for $219?

After Dell, Lenovo is planning to update its popular N20 Chromebook, with the new model named N21. And this one is going to be a rugged model.

According to the datasheet, the hardware is equipped with features that make the Chromebook more durable. Here is a list:

  • Drop-resistant
  • Reinforcement around ports and hinges
  • Anti-peel keys
  • Water-resistant keyboard
  • Sealed touchpad
  • Non-slip texture

Clearly designed for the education market. Here are a few more design features that will make the N21 school-friendly according to Lenovo:

  • Rotatable camera
  • The anti-glare screen
  • Retractable handle

The Lenovo N21 will be powered by an Intel 2840 Bay Trail processor. That will be a bump up from the current 2830 in the N20. There will be a choice of a 2GB or a 4GB RAM model.

Price and Availability

The next interesting bit of news it N21’s price. The Chromebook will start at  $219, lower than N20’s starting price. The device is expected to hit the markets by March. We do not know if this will immediately be available for general customers to buy since this is a Chromebook designed for schools. (We have seen such things with the Dell Chromebook, remember?)

I am happy that there are new Chromebooks with better specs and lower prices coming out, but I am worried about the focus on the education market alone. It’s been a while since we saw an excellent Chromebook made for the masses.

via Brent Sullivan

  1. You’re missing a bullet point: Sans Superfish.

    1. Hi,

      Didn’t get that one 🙁 Can you explain?

      1. Google Superfish. Surprised you haven’t seen any news about the Lenovo Superfish fiasco.

        1. Oh yes! I did see the news about the Lenovo fiasco, but didn’t know the name of the malware was Superfish! thank you!

  2. I am struggling to understand the logic behind releasing a new Chromebook with Bay Trail processor. There are Chromebooks announced with Broadwell range (two steps ahead of Bay Trail) and I can not understand why are we still going with an older generation.

    I appreciate that the target market is Education sector where speed and lag factor is not a big issue but there is an outside world as well which is eagerly looking to get Chromebooks which are fast and lag-free.

    1. They are using a better processor than their previous model. May be that is their point?

  3. i have the x150E(bay trail m n2930 quad core/4gb ram) and its an awesome , durable little machine. this isnt the yoga, or the n20…it does seem like the proccessor in the n21 is a step backwards….Who knows….i just wish i knew a little bit more about linux compatability, and i would be comfy just using bodhi, or kubuntu.

    1. Usually all Chromebooks can easily load Ubuntu.

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