Chrome’s App Launcher Gets Google Doodles

After Chrome’s New Tab Page, the App Launcher on your Chromebook, and Chrome is getting Google Doodles. If you are a fan of Google Doodles, this is going to be a treat for your eyes.

If you enable the flag to Enable the experimental App Launcher available for Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS, you can test this right now. If you do not have this flag yet, wait for the next update. According to François Beaufort, this is currently available only on the Dev channel.

If you are interested in how this works in the back end, here is the commit log from Chromium code:

This CL adds a static Google Doodle to the experimental app list start
page by downloading a JSON blob and using the contained doodle URL as an
image source in the app list starts page WebContents.

A small bit of eye candy, right friends?

  1. So lovely, i’m also using that launcher ! enabled it in flags !

      1. Yeah but it’s kinda getting annoying since it’s so big 😛

        1. LOL.. let’s give them some time to get the things cleaned up!

          1. Yeah agree, may the patience be with me ( and maybe us ) =D I’m so excited for the upcoming material design of Chrome OS

            1. Patience, my boy!

  2. I’m also using this lovely launcher, i enabled it inside flags !

  3. oh no, i thought it was an app that hid all the doodles . I’ll keep searching

    1. 🙂 Let me know how it goes.

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