Chrome OS Is Being Tested On Intel’s Latest “Skylake” Chips

Intel, as we all know is really interested in Chromebooks. It is no surprise that the Chrome OS team is testing their newest chip, code named Skylake. François Beaufort reports that  an Intel Skylake board named Glados has shown up in the Chromium code repository.

Skylake is expected in 2015 as the successor to the Broadwell architecture and is expected to be completely redesigned, bringing greater CPU and GPU performance, and reduced power consumption.

Wireless Charging

There are of course the usual performance and battery life improvements that come with newer chips, but the exciting addition to this chip family is that it supports wireless charging. Intel also announced that the Skylake-based laptops will be using wireless technology called Rezence for charging, and other wireless technologies for communication with peripherals.

This opens up the possibility for future Chromebooks to have wireless charging options. You could add this to your Pixel 2 wishlist.

Anyways, this is just an experimental board for now. We will have to wait for more official announcements or unofficial leaks. Stay tuned!


Now, to the board’s name, Glados. (Thank you Wikiepdia, again)

GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System) is a fictional artificially intelligent computer system and the main antagonist in the game Portal as well as the first half of its sequel, Portal 2. She was created by Erik Wolpaw and Kim Swift and is voiced by Ellen McLain. She is responsible for testing and maintenance in Aperture Science research facility in both video games.

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