Chrome is Testing Answers in Omnibox (Addressbar)

Chrome is testing something really interesting, Answers in Suggest. When you ask a question, if it is in Google’s database of questions and answers, the answer will be displayed right on the Omnibox. It is an upgraded version of answers in search.

As of now, when you ask for certain questions, you get the answer in search results. Google picks up the exact answer that you are looking for (numbers, names, and sometimes steps for certain actions) right in the search results page. You do not need to visit the website that contains the answer (duh!).

To try this, type who is the president of the USA in search.

Answers in Suggest

First, let me tell you about “Suggest“. It is Google’s name for the feature where you start seeing suggestions in the omnibox. You If you start typing the above example, who is the president of the USA, you will probably see the full question itself by the time you finish the third word in it (depending on the country you are from, the last word, the country name might change though)

Now, Answers in Suggest. What if Google Chrome suggest answers? You get the idea.

This feature is currently being tested in Chrome’s Dev version and is expected to land in Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and Android. Enable this flag to try this: “Answers in Suggest  –  If enabled, responses to certain types of queries will appear directly in the Omnibox suggestion list. #answers-in-suggest

There you have it, one more thing that you can do right from the Omnibox.

via Daniel Herr on Chromebook Central.

  1. not available for mac 🙁

    1. Oops!
      You’ll probably have to wait for a while!

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