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You Can Now Connect Scanner to Chromebooks

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Chromebooks are going to be more office-friendly within weeks. Chrome OS beta has been updated to include support for a new API “Document Scan Chrome API” which will allow users to connect and use scanners.

François Beaufort, sharing this news on Google Plus said that only SANE-compatible scanners out of the box. He has created a sample app that will scan documents, and using the newly introduced File Systems API, place the documents in a new “Document Scan” section in the Files app. You can install the Scan app from here.


This new API is currently available only on the beta channel of Chrome OS. Let’s hope that it will be ready for the next stable release with more features and compatibility so that all the leading scanners will work out of the box with Chrome OS.

Any other Chromebook-at-work-wishlist item guys?

  1. This will be awesome, especially if my current Canon scanner (a CanoScan LIDE 700F) is supported. That will be pretty much the final nail in the Windows coffin for me.

    1. Dinsan Francis Avatar
      Dinsan Francis

      Yes! looking forward to it!

  2. This is much needed news indeed for Chromebook users. I bought my dad a CB earlier and the only drawback he sees is the scanning feature. It works, but quite cumbersome with his Google Cloud Print printer. I hope this new feature will ease up his frustration a bit.

    1. Dinsan Francis Avatar
      Dinsan Francis

      Scanning + cloud sounds like a nice idea!

  3. Rauchbier Avatar

    You find SANE supported scanners on this site:

    Now I would like to have support for PCL5 und Postscript printers because Google Cloud Print does not really work good for me.

    1. Dinsan Francis Avatar
      Dinsan Francis

      Thank you!

  4. Eul Cam Avatar

    Is this feature active yet? If no, how many weeks are we really talking about?

  5. Roseann Sorrentino Avatar
    Roseann Sorrentino

    would like to use my new canoscan Lide 300 on my asus chrome book. just wanting to scan, to get rid of papers at an affordable price. Thank you.

    1. Terence Silk Avatar
      Terence Silk

      I can scan to an Asus chromebook using an LiDE 400 via “Chrome OS native scanning”. Plenty of documentary evidence exists that the LiDE 300 is similarly supported.
      The scanning procedure is described in the “Scan a document” section of Google’s “Set up your printer” advice at the following web address:
      A Chrome OS native scanning test report for my LiDE 400 in the form of a Google Doc can be found in a secondary Google account of mine at the following web address:

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